News from the Sun

NEWS FROM THE SUN is a monthly hour-long radio show on Colaboradio about our cultures’ relationship to time and the significance of time in our lives, discussed from an intersectional feminist angle. On each show, Nine Yamamoto-Masson speaks with invited guests, many of them musician, artists, writers, cultural theorists or activists, about their work, experiences and their sense of time and progress – always accompanied by surprising genre-crossing music selections that don’t only act as sonic illustrations of the themes discussed but as another angle in the conversation.

mixcloud archive:

– Episode 003: RAJU RAGE – ARCHIVING AS RESISTANCE [broadcast 14 Feb. 2017]

This month featuring a fascinating interview with brilliant multidisciplinary artist/educator/activist/writer Raju Rage, in which they talk about their work and trajectory, their approach to making art for social change, building community, carving space (physical, digital and conceptual), the importance of transgenerational dialogue, queer aging, and practices of active archiving as resistance against erasure / colonisation / fetishisation commodification.

I’ve learned so much from Raju, who really should be on your radar if that’s not already the case, so check out this interview on NEWS FROM THE SUN, and Raju’s work at ✨💚💛💜📡☀️🔊✨