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6. Dezember 2016 - Uncategorized

Donnerstag, 08.Dezember @ Madame Claude

ANNE LEPÈRE – Belgium/Sound Art
(b.1985 Belgium) a Brussels-based artist, explores the relationships between various strains of sound design in her work: field recordings, radio drama, experimental music… During the years she has worked for several sound-related projects, Sounds of écodays (eco-festival at Flagey), Monophonic (Festival international de création radiophonique), the radio shows Moniek (Radio Cabaret) to name a few. She co-created Karaonomatopiek, a participative sound performance, performed in the Cinéma Galeries (Brussels) and at Centre Pompidou (BPI) in Paris. She is also working collaboratively with european project such as Female:Pressure (Supporting Rojava), Cities & Memory (London underground soundmap).

EARTH UNIVERSAL – Poland/Experimental Noise

Music duo that emits various organic & electronic signals from the Earth to represent indigenous variety of life forms. It consists of Jeff Gburek and Hubert Wińczyk who are friends and musical collaborators for many years but they just recently deceided for a band name.

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