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DEC19 Workshop Electro-acoustic sound art production for women

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION In this workshop female participants will learn how to produce their own sound works, using their own recordings (recorded in the workshop), and further processing and presenting them using Ableton Live or free software (Audacity). The mentor will focus on Musique Concrète techniques mixed with electronic sound production. This electro-acoustic workshop uses Delia […]

Experimentelle Musik und Klangkunst Berlin

Donnerstag, 08.Dezember @ Madame Claude ANNE LEPÈRE – Belgium/Sound Art (b.1985 Belgium) a Brussels-based artist, explores the relationships between various strains of sound design in her work: field recordings, radio drama, experimental music… During the years she has worked for several sound-related projects, Sounds of écodays (eco-festival at Flagey), Monophonic (Festival international de création radiophonique), […]